GPO software install using DFS share



Hello all,

Thank you in advance to anyone who reponds.

I'm trying to deploy msi packages using GPO with the MSI packages located on
a DFS share. It's a windows 2000 sp3 server farm with XP pro sp1a clients.
My intention of useing a DFS share is to allow for the Install points to be
able to move server locations as my server farm is not exactly static.

Can you tell me if this is possible? When i try to locate the MSI package
when creating the software distribution pack i cannot locate the DFS share.



Yes, you can put your .MSIs on a DFS share; we do and it works great. I'm
not sure I understand your other question... just type in the location to
your dfs share as you would any other (like \\mydomain\dfsroot\MSI\foo.msi)

\\ MadDHatteR

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