MS Publisher Print Layout Issue



Hi there,

I am running Vista Home Premium, Publisher 2007, Epson Stylus Photo R800
i want to print 10 business cards on some precut business card paper. i
designed my card, then when i go to set the print margins, this is where i
have the issue. i set the top margin .5", side margin .75, Horz gap .0", Vert
gap .0", just like the precut sheet. i should see 10 business cards, but only
the top 6 cards show, with room for the 4 other cards, but that area is
blank. i have tried this on laser jet printer as well, with the same results.
i am familiar with publisher and formatting the printer, so i am quite
baffled. i have dug around and looked at every setting i could find, with no
luck. i used the snipping tool to capture an image of the issue, is there a
way to upload that pic?



Ken Blake, MVP

I've written a 16 page booklet on MS Publisher using A5 pages (printed
on A4 paper, with 2 pages per piece of paper).

Is there a way to get it to print the pages double sided, so that when
I print them I can just fold the booklet and staple it? At the moment,
it prints one sided - which means there are blank pages in between each

The answer depends entirely on what printer you have. Some can do that
and some can't. Check the instructions that came with it.

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