Windows XP MS Patch Tuesday ... delays expected


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Mar 5, 2002
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The patches, which include critical fixes for both Office and Windows, can be manually downloaded from Microsoft's Web site, and the company said it hopes its more automated tools will have the patch available later on Tuesday. Microsoft said that its technical teams "have been working around the clock" to solve the updating problems.

"Due to technical difficulties experienced on the Microsoft Update platform, security updates released today are not currently available via Microsoft Update, Automatic Updates, Windows Server Update Services or Windows Update v6," the software maker said.
That was posted yesterday ...

So, if you want/need the 'fixes' go get em from Windows Update Site. I strongly suggest you get the Windows updates. :thumb:

I had 9 for Windows & 7 for Office ... why Outlook & Powerpoint I do not know, I don't have them. :rolleyes:

oh, and I had to reboot ... :rolleyes:



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