Outlook MS Outlook 2007 - Calendar Problems

Nov 8, 2011
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I have exchange 2003 SP2 running, the clients are Windows XP Pro SP2 running Outlook 2007 with a standard Exchange mailbox.

One user has shared his calendar (the default personal mailbox calendar) the user also has visabilty and 'editor' access to another users shared calendar.

Here's where it gets weird.....

If the user updates his own personal calendar with an enrty of any description / time, the entry will automatically appear on the other users shared calendar (the one he has access to) this happens the other way round to, and also all users experience this, which ever calendar they update, the entry will appear in all calendars they have permission to.....

Any Ideas?? As we cannot use more than 1 calendar at the moment, as the 2nd calendar is identical to the first calendar because of everything being duplicated onto all calndars??

Help would be very very much appreciated.





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