MS Generic Host Process for WIN 32 Services on my computer



I am constantly receiving a Norton Security Pop up that
states " A remote System is attempting to access MS
Generic Host Process for win32 Services on your Computer."
When I click on for further information I get the next
Norton window that gives the following info......
UDP (Inbound)
Remote address:
Norton states "low Risk" and recommends to "Permit"
I have contacted MS, Norton, and Gateway. I have asked,
What is MS Generic Host Process for win 32 Services?
Can someone explain to me what is happening and is this a
legitimate function? I get answers to everything except
the subject that I am addressing.
I have been blocking this every time I get the Norton
warning. I do not know if I am not getting certain
required messages or updates. I need to know this so
that I can create a firewall rule either "permitting"
or "blocking" these attempts to access my computers MS
Generic Host Process...............
I would greatly appreciate any explanations or guidance
on the proper way to address this matter.

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