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Steve Dell

as of yesterday, Sept 18th, I have started to get
bombarded by Microsoft with new "security" updates and
notices. With Outlook XP, all of the attachments are
blocked and Norton AV considers the attachments as

How do I "Unsubscribe" to the various mailings from MS
and allow the Windows Update to handle the bug fixes.

This AM, I had 150 pieces of email, most of which came
from MS or something similar and Outlook/NAV tried
blocking all of them.


Respond to (e-mail address removed)


i have just started getting the same thing...luckily it is
in a secondary e-mail i have...i do not think you can
block..mine have been coming from diff. e-mails address's..
have you signed up for anything online..i know i have i am
starting to promote a web site i i thought it
came from there!!:(...
i just want to know how i can send it to ms so they can
look into it!!!
i want to know where i can send it so ms can look into it

Steve Dell

I think that you are correct.

What's equally troubling is that I am getting Microsoft Security Updates
with attachments. Outlook XP keeps blocking them. In addition, NAV thinks
there's a virus but it can't repair it and asks me to either quarantine or
delete. I had to change my settings in NAV to have those messages deleted
silently and automatically if repair failed.

This AM, I had 150 messages, 90% of them purported to be from Microsoft with
updates. what a pain.

I will keep everyone advised when this subsides.


Ken Isaacson

How do you set NAV to have the messages deleted "silently and automatically
if repair failed." What I've been doing is deleting them manually, and it's
a pain.



I don't MS want to look at it. In fact; I think they've already enough of

Just delete it and make sure your up to date with everything and just hope
that the rest of the world will do the same.

Roady (gave it a remake)
News, FAQ, How To's for Outlook and more...


Steve Dell

From within the NAV program, or in my case SystemWorks, select Options,
Anti-Virus, Under Internet/Email, you will see a series of radio buttons
that will do what you want. Works like a champ. I was "forced to learn that
lesson" earlier today with the email bombardment.



so do we have a solution to this? i am getting lots of virus problems with
these emails as well.


Go to your webbased mailclient provided by your ISP.If you have a good one
you can set mailrules here. Configure the rule to delete or move the message
too a different folder. This way you'll prevent Outlook from downloading it.

Hopr this helps!

Roady (gave it a remake)
News, FAQ, How To's for Outlook and more...


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