MS Anti-Spyware cannot detect Advanced Keylogger in my PC



found there is another defected spy ware on my PC by using CA Pestscan on
line scan .

"Advanced KEYLOGGER" located in the following locations.


Again the on line tool can only detect but not remove the tools. I try to
use MS Anti-Spyware to remove the spyware but it was not detected. So I try
to use another tools like Ad-ware & Spyspot Search & Destroy, however they
cannot dectect it.

In this case, what can I do to remove it? Anyone can help and tell me what I
should do.

Bill Sanderson

You should call, in this order:

1) CA Pestscan's support mechanisms, if any. A keylogger is a serious
issue--if this is real, it is very important to get it taken care of. My
current guess is that it is not real, but I'm not absolutely certain from
the evidence. CA ought to be able to help you out here, since they are the
ones crying wolf.

2) If 1 is difficult, or not possible in a timely manner, and you are in the
U.S. or Canada, you can call Microsoft Product Support Services (PSS) at
1-866-pcsafety for help with virus removal issues or problems related to
security patches. A keylogger definitely qualifies for their help.

What you are looking for, from either of these sources, is some clear
confirmation about whether what you are seeing is an actual keylogger, or a
false positive. False positives are not unusual, and we've seen both real
keyloggers and false positives for them in these forums over the year.


If its Advanced keylogger then it's a commercial program which is manually
installed, Does anyone have access to your pc except for you ?

Go with Bill's Advise but also check this:

Try pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del+R to try bring it out of hidden mode.

Goto Start menu > My Computer > C:\Drive > Windows > Look in here for a
folder called IDDE > Open it if found and double click Uninstall.exe

**Note the folder and key combination are the default settings , Its
possible these folders and keys have been changed by whoever installed this
keylogger, Or someone had it installed in the past if they have access to
your pc and has removed it but its left some registry entries behind.

Reboot and try your scanner again .

You can read more about the company that produce this keylogger here:

They even have a forum helping customers who have paid for this to spy on
people ?

It does display on the forum thats its not possible to install this
remotely, you have to actually install it on your PC; it cannot be "hacked"
onto a system



Dear Bill

Thank you for your suggestion. I am not living in USA/Canada region so that
I cannot call 1-800 no. However I call local MS support hotline but they need
me to show the proof of purchase of the OEM MS windows in order to get free
support. Unfortunately, I purchased the PC from my friend few years ago. I
got nothing except the PC from her. It works properly until last night the IE
not respond and Windows auto shut down. I suspect it is casued by spyware or
virus because I got similar experience before and used Antispyware to clean
it up. So I did it again but this time my installed MS antispyware, Ad-ware
and Spyspot serach & destroy cannot detect it until I use CA PestPetrol
online scanning serivces.

However, the CA Pestpetrol online scanner can only detect not remove unlese
I purchase a full version. So what I can do now? Is there any other
Antispyware tool you may suggest.


Your sincerely


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