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Jan 9, 2012
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Long time reader here but now in the need of some help, I have been asked to set up a MS Access Rota (we have access 2003 and earlier on the site)

Basically it wil lhave a list of staff, and the list of days they work, i have the drop down sorted out so the staff can be assigned a particular tpye of work

Rota looks like this

Date Time Day Staff Members 1 - 23
01/01/12 AM Sun Team Lead (drop down selection)
01/01/12 PM Sun Team Lead
02/01/12 AM Mon Bank Holiday
02/01/12 PM Mion Bank Holdiay

I have two questions, on a report is it possible to colour block the oitput depending on the role they are doing?

For example if they are Team Lead for that block colour the background yellow? (these are drop down boxes from a Role table)

Secondly the report i am trying to do shoudl have the staff (23 of them) listed vertically down the side and the days along the top which i am having torulbe figuring out, also i need this to be done by selected dates, i have tried various approaches and fialed miserably so after some very kind help.

Thanks for taking the time to look at this

Kind regards




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