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Michael S. Androsov

On Windows Server 2000 (SP4) computers I received next
message in the Event Log:
Source: MRxSmb
ID: 8003
The master browser has received a server announcement from
the computer ... that believes that it is the master
browser for the domain on transport NwlnkNb. The master
browser is stopping or an election is being forced.

What's a problem?

Michael S. Androsov



JayEff Land

If your network workstation are using Win XP PRO, you could check if
the Internet connection Firewall is active. Because this feature
interferes with the network browsing, the client will attend to become
the Master Browser. Disabling the setting under browser/parameter will
block the attempt to become master, but the client will still have
difficulteis seeing and being seen in the domain. To disable that
feature you have to go in your settings/network connection/Local area
connection/Properties/Advanced and unchecked the Internet connection
Firewall on that workstation. After that, you could check if the
computer can be reached by pinging the machine name in your command
prompt. If it's replying, your in business. I hope it will help you.

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