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My goal was to gain some space on my c:\ and to move all of my users files
onto the d:\ drive. I have a vista 32b home premium, sp1 laptop with two
drives. I successfully moved my shell folders to another drive (from
c:\users\name to d:\users\name) by creating the new directory (and being
careful to set the security up on the d: drive like the c: drive when
creating the directory). To move the shell folders (My documents etc I
accessed the properties and told it to move the files. So far no problems.
I know that my profile still remains on drive c: and there are hidden files
and directories under c:\users\name.

Are there any known issues with leaving the setup as is? (Profiles and
hidden files on c: & data on d:) I searched technet and found references to
update issues with moving users, however that only seemed to be if I moved
the profiles also. Does this mesh with best practices?

Also, if this is consistent with best practices can I modify the registry to
create the shell directories on the d: drive for new users?

Thank you,

Rick Rogers


What you're doing is fine, and yes you can modify the registry to redirect
new user's personal files. Be careful not to refer to anything as "My" as
that moniker is not used in Vista.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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