Moving Remote Desktop destroys mouse pointer scheme.



I've been using remote desktop with several computers (Win XP, and Win 2K at
home and at work). I just got a brand spanking new Dell with a NViDIA Quadro
NVS 280 PCI-E video card and two dell 1920x1200 analog monitors. Obviously,
it rocks--except for the annoyance I'm asking about here.

When (from this new system only), I remote-desktop to another system and
move the 1600x1200 window to another part of the desktop, it changes the
mouse pointer into the "Move" cross (cross with arrows on all for ends) while
I move the window. Then, when I do something else on the local machine (the
new one) the cursor stays as this cross. It won't change to the default
pointer, or to the text-select "I-beam" or any of the other things. I have
to go into the "Mouse Properties" and change the "Pointers" "Scheme" to get
my mouse pointers back. It's gotten so bad that I pulled a shortcut out of
the control panel to my desktop and copied the Windows Default scheme so I
could more quickly switch between the two and click "OK".

Much better if I can get rid of the problem to begin with.

To recap: Log on to new system described above, remote desktop to another
system (doesn't matter which), click and hold on title bar to move remote
desktop to another part of the local desktop, cursor stays a "move" pointer
on local system, and cursor works fine in screen within the remote system.
That situation remains until "Mouse Properties" is used to restore the
default scheme. Then, cursor is fine everywhere--until a return from screen
saver or screen lock--in which case the remote desktop window comes up at the
top left of screen and needs to be moved again.

BTW. A feature request. It would be nice to be able to use a 1600x1200
(non-full-screen) remote desktop on a 1920x1200 local display without having
the full window limited to 1600x1200 so that you need the "left-right" slider
bar across the bottom.

I know, I know. "It must be nice to have such problems." Indeed it is.
And I am grateful. Still would like to get this fixed, however.




Oops. I did what I should have done long before. I went to the NVIDIA web
site and downloaded the latest driver. Fixed everything.

I hope no one spent any time researching this, yet.

(Although that feature enhancement at the end would still be nice... :)



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