Moving personal PST file in OL2003




I want to move the personal PST file to the D-drive
(I want to move all user data from system partion to a non-system partion,
such that I can restore an image w/o running the risk to lose any data in
the process)

I know where the PST file is located. I tried to change location in the
control panel e-mail profile. However, the location is not modifiable. I
understand I cannot move it to a network share. However, I only want to move
to D-drive.
This should be possible?

I checked slipstick and Microsoft website, but couldn't find a solution...




Roady [MVP]

Just move the pst-file while Outlook is closed. Then start Outlook again and
it will prompt you for the new location.

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]

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