Moving a label without moving the associated control


A Bit Rusty

I am finding form creation in Access 2007 more difficult than in previous
versions. I can't seem to move either a control or it's label without moving
both. I did see a post from some time ago (2007) suggesting (while in design
mode) to click on the label and when the upper-left corner becomes a cross,
click that point, then click the "Remove" button on the arrange tab. I've
tried, but this does not work. The cross never appears no matter where on
the label (or control) I click. If I click the "Tabular" button first, the
cross then appears, but continuing on to click the "Remove" button has no
effect. It cannot really be this difficult, so obviously, I'm missing
something. Any ideas?




Have you tried cut and paste? It will paste in the upper left corner of the
object area - header, detail, or footer - where ever the cursor is.

Or re-size to move. To move it over the top of the text box drag the top
upward to twice the orignal height, drag the bottom up to return to orignal
height, drag right side to right over the text box, and drag left side to
even it over the text boc.



Daryl S

If you use the wizard to create the form in Access 2007, it groups a lot of
fields and their labels together. These appear with highlighted borders all
together when you select one control. To remove the grouping, choose the
'Arrange' tab, and with the field selected, click the 'Remove' button. Then
you can move an individual control or label without the rest moving.

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