Moviemaker 2; DV AVI



When I save the film as DV AVI, its not possible to work with this file with
Pinacle Studio or Adobe Premiere - its not possible to read the Videoformat
(it was possible with the old moviemaker please help


Movie Maker V1 used a DV-AVI format known as Type-II -- DV-AVI Type-II
contains a second redundant audio track for compatiblity with older programs
that use the "Video For Windows" programming interfaces developed for Windows

Movie Maker V2 uses the DV-AVI format known as Type-I -- which doesn't
contain this secondary audio track. DV-AVI Type-I is essentially an exact
copy of the data from the mini-DV tape wrapped in an AVI file. This change
was made to more effciently support the Movie Maker V2 back to tape feature.

There a number of freeware converters out there: here is one

If you want to understand more details about this issues; there is a long
discussion here:

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