When I save movies with Moviemaker 2 as DV AVI, its notpossible to work with
this files with Pinacle 8 or Adobe Premiere. They cannot read this files or
not read correctly - why not? (It was possible with old moviemaker and
practicle to make a first cut before working with other programs) please help

PapaJohn \(MVP\)

Pinnacle 8 needs type II DV-AVI files, which are the type that Movie Maker 1
makes.... but MM2 makes type I which don't import into Pinnacle.

See the Setup > Other Software page of my website for a few downloadable
conversion utilities.


Movie Maker 2 - www.papajohn.org
Photo Story 2 - www.photostory.papajohn.org
Photo Story 3 - use the menu branch at www.papajohn.org


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