movie maker will not open .MSWMM



Hey all,

I have been working on a movie all weekend saving it religiously as
a .MSWMM file. Windows movie maker had been behaving during the whole
process until today. When I try to open the file now via movie maker,
a windows error pops up saying "Windows movie maker has encountered a
problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." It
gives two buttons: send error report, or don't send. I have found this
to be quite strange because all the other movies I have saved as
a .MSWMM file can be opened except the one I need. The file is not
compatible for me to burn it to a DVD for completion nor can I even
play it through Windows media player. I have tried to do a system
restore but nothing happened. I am seriously at a loss here because I
have no clue what do about this file. I realize that if I could open
it I could save it as a movie and be on my merry way; however, I
simply cannot get the file to open.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom?

- Callie

Graham Hughes

Have you made any changes to the pc?
Although system restore should have sorted those.

What sorts of files were in this movie? Sometimes incompatible ones can
cause problems like this.
The other thing is it may be the file has become corrupted, maybe it hadn't
saved by the time MM was closed or the pc shut down or something like that.

Try saving all the files in the project and the project file to a dvd or
hard drive and then try in another computer.

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