movie maker problem



when ever i try to make a movie the program shuts down and i lose the
project. also when i get as far as it sending me to dvd maker it doesnt load
project saying "error" and closes. one time a box opened saying something
about DEP. i cannot find a way of turning this off.anyone help?thanks. mick


I have recently bought muvee6.1 and have the same error with DEP on burning a
DVD. I can't find any muvee support listing. I have have "allowed" muvee to
be exempt from DEP but still get the same error message. I have vista 64
running on a HP media laptop with 4GB ram. I have tried burning several
different format but generally get no where. I did burn a small DVD with the
trial version on the same machine -- which is why I bought the fully licensed
version. I would appreciate anyone else's sharing. Lee

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