Movie Maker file recognition problem



I've used Movie Maker (MM) successfully in the past. Then I got a virus and
had the computer cleaned, re-installed everything (by a hired capable shop),
etc. Now MM loads okay but when I bring in MPEG-II (*.mpg) files they don't
load properly. I get the first frame in the box and can drag it to the
timeline. But when I play it I get only sound and no video. Prior, I could
bring in the above files and have made several movies using them in MM. I am
at my wits end! Thanks!


Movie Maker's ability to use MPEG-2 files is dependent on your installed
codecs. MPEG2 codecs are not installed as part of XP. The shop cleaned your
computer such that it no longer has the codec(s) that were helping you with
Movie Maker.

Unless you know which codec you were using and can install it again, the
usual path of file conversions to ones that work in Movie Maker might be
your best bet.

See my website's Import Movie Source Files > Video > MPEG page.


Not being a technical person, I have no idea what the codec was that I had.
Whatever it was came with the computer(Dell). How could I possibly find out
what codec it was? I looked at the reference you gave me on your site.
Converting to an .avi file, I lose half of the quality. Is there a way to
load all the codecs possible for MM? Sorry if that is a dumb question as I
really don''t know what a codec is or does.


Video files, being large, are compressed. To view them the player needs to
uncompress them on the fly. To make one the editing/conversion software
needs to compress them. Codecs are the little software files that do the

The codec probably wasn't installed by itself. It would have been included
in a program that plays MPEG2 files... such as a DVD viewing or making app.
If you have a DVD burner Dell would have included DVD burning software. If
you have Dell software disc(s) that came with the computer, you might be
able to reinstall it.

Adding too many codecs can result in problems....

My experience is such that users who can handle MPEG2 files in Movie Maker
are few and far between. Everyone else does file conversions.


That is interesting! You could be right. I'm pretty sure that the same
programs that were on my computer are the ones on there now. There are two
video related programs on there that the shop put on. Maybe I need to take
them off if too many codec can cause a problem? Maybe I should also take off
the other video software and re-install them from the site I know I got them
from before...?

For the record, my video camera is a new Sanyo Xacti HD. It makes MP4
files. I used "Any Video Converter" to convert them to MPEG-II files, which
is the highest quality my MM at the time would take. I was very happy with
the result and was hoping MM would soon accept HD files. I see the one for
VISTA does deliver HD.

So now I am stuck with converting to .avi and the MM compresses more and the
end product is so bad I wouldn't show to anyone! 8^(


I have the same problem. WMM2 sees an .mpeg file as only an audio file.
This must be a bug as I used WMM in XP without any problems.

You are getting sound only as I am sure that the WMM2 is seeing your file as
an audio-only file. Click on Properties and I'll bet it shows it is an audio
file and not a video file.

Good luck !


the settings of your conversion software should let you get pretty close to
the quality of the input files.... I can understand your case if you let the
app use its default settings.


Okay Papa, I have for sure narrowed the problem down to Movie Maker (MM). I
have gone back and inputted MPEQG-II files that made perfect MM movies into
MM again and they don't work. I now can get them into MM. The "preview"
(the one you drag down) will only play the audio. I drag it down to the
timeline and both audio and video play. I make the movie and the end product
sucks because it is a very small file.

When I initially bring in the MPEG-II file to MM, it comes in with a flash.
It doesn't take some time and have the "two blue lines" slowly loading. So
it just isn't loading properly into MM.

Any suggestions?



Your new routine might be having to do file conversions before using them in
Movie Maker projects. Years ago I gave up trying to make them work without

desertratwannabe I said last post, I tried to bring in files that worked perfectly
in making a movie before...old MPEG-II files. MM wouldn't work with them.
So it is probably a codec problem of some kind.

I also, per your recomendation, tried increasing the conversion quality of
Any Video Converter during the conversion process and that didn't help either.

Something is missing that won't properly load MPEG-II files into MM.


I can't help by reiterating it... but I'm interested in where you go from
here, and will be following the thread.


My son is pretty hip on this stuff....he works a DivX so I'll see what he
says. Otherwise I guess I'm screwed.

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