Movie Maker file formats, Video CD



I need some information about the file formats of published movies from
Windows Movie maker.

I made a home movie using movie maker that I am sending overseas to my family

I would like to make video CD that can play in conventional video CD player
they have

Movie maker published the movie on cd with WMV extension.
My dilemma is I am not sure if this file will work on standard CD player.

I am not sure what to do
1. Should I convert the file format
a. if yes what’s the best software to do that
b. and what are the most common file format that’s readable on regular cd
players ( I am guessing mpeg, avi are the common one)

2. the other question that I have is how can I make regular video CD from
the published movie files. I’ve noticed that movie Maker save it as a file on
cd. I am not sure if that file would be picked up by the cd player

Back home they have limited resources and have no knowledge of technology. I
just want this cd to be ready so all they have to do is put disk in the
player sit back and enjoy.

Any suggestion or solution is highly appreciated. Thank a lot!


I think you meant DVD player because CD players don't play video. Unless you
happened to mean Video CD players which aren't at all common in this area..
in fact I don't recall ever seeing one. Windows DVD Maker can make playable
DVDs if that is what you want. Movie Maker could only convert the files to
WMV format and burn them onto data CDs or DVDs to play in a computer.

Like DVDs, Video CDs require a specific file and folder layout and require
the video to be in the form of MPG1 files, or MPG2 for SVCD format CDs. As
far as I know Movie Maker cannot create VCD CDs so you would need other
software to do it. Nero can create video CDs and some freeware programs for
the job are suggested at the website Bob gave you. Many DVD players can play
video CDs (VCD) and some can also play SVCD discs but you do need to create
the discs using the correct video standard for the region you are sending
them to.. i.e.. PAL, NTSC or other local variations.


Thanks Bob, RalfG

The site u refferred to had lot of info about vcd's. My problem is solved. i
used Roxio to Burn movie as a VCd.

I divided movie into 2 parts and burn them on 2 disks this way I didnt loose
much on quality.

Thanks again

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