move print job to a new printer



hey all,

i have a user that has printed a job to an offline printer. this
print job cannot be reprinted in the software she is using. i need to
move the print job from the offline printer and to an online printer.
i can't figure this out for the life of me....aaagghhh. the OS is
Windows XP sp2 and both printers are local. i am pretty sure you
could move print jobs in nt4 but can't figure it out in winXP. i know
you have to still be able to move these print jobs. any help would be
greatly appreciated...


Bruce Sanderson

If you have a printer that is "compatible" (e.g. same make and model as the
"offline"), you could try this:

enable Printer Pooling (Server Properties, Ports)
add the port associated with another (online) physical printer (print
device) to the "Printer"
remove the port associated with the "offline" printer

The queued "document" should then print on the (online) printer.
May 3, 2012
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Cobra Print Viewer will do this -
Runs on Windows and it will let you re-print and copy queued jobs, and move or copy queued jobs to another printer, even for a different printer model.

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