Move emails automatically to Common Mailbox



In my Outlook, i have one personal inbox of mine, as well as one common
mailbox. This common mailbox is for a specific project, where i have 50
people working together. All the 50 people have this common mailbox mapped in
one outlook along with their personal mailbox.

What i need is, I want the emails from the sent items folder automatically
to be moved to the Common Mailbox Sent Items folder sent from the common
mailbox. This should happenfor each and every 50 people using common mailbox.
Evryone would reply to certain specific email.

How do i do this? Can anyone help me?



Roady [MVP]

There is no way to do that directly.
You can create a rule for your mailbox Outlook that copies the Sent Items to
that folder when you send a message assigned to a specific category.
To automate this further, you can create a rule for the additional mailbox
to assign all incoming mail to that specific category.

Another way to do it would be to use an addin such as;

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