Mouse Settings, scroll, click!



Hello, I have a notebook, with the built in mouse. I recently updated to
Windows Vista and with Window XP there was the settings for your mouse to set
your mouse that when you tap on the pad it would act as a click. There was
also a setting where if you used a certain side of the pad it would scroll,
and you could change the amount of pressure you had to use on the pad to get
it to function. I cannot seem to any settings for anything like this with
the Vistas and it is making me angry because when i type, if i accidently
brush my palm against the pad it will select on whatever the mouse is resting
over. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


You need to locate, download, and install the Vista-compatible driver for
your particular touchpad on your particular notebook. If such an animal
exists yet.
Best place to check is the website of your notebook manufacturer.

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