mouse pointer turns into double-arrow inappropriately



Does anyone know why in some installations of Windows (at least XP and 2000)
the mouse pointer arrow consistently turns into and remains as the black
horizontal double-sided resizing arrow when either the 'file' or 'edit'
buttons on the menu bar in Windows Explorer are pressed? This happens on
both an XP home box and a W2k laptop that I have. It however does not
happen on an XP pro box or a W98se box that I also have. The criteria under
which this occurs is simply that one of the root tree items in the left pane
of Explorer must be highlighted (i.e., desktop, my computer, documents,
network, or recycle bin). Any of the sub items to these will not change the
mouse pointer when 'file' or 'edit' are clicked upon, only highlighting one
of the root items first will do it. The double-arrow remains on screen as
as the drop-down menu is visible...when the menu is canceled, the mouse
pointer reverts back to the normal white arrow. The only noted difference
in behavior between my XP home machine and my W2k laptop is that
highlighting the "desktop" tree item in the left pane on the W2k laptop will
NOT produce the condition, but highlighting any of the other root items
will. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know what causes it?

Thank you.

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