mouse pointer hotspot



In Windows XP when I put the tip of the mouse pointer over a button the
button would highlight and a click would trigger the button event. In Vista I
have to push the mouse pointer so the tip sticks out over the top of a button
before the button will activate, almost as if the activation point is halfway
down the pointer. It's really annoying, especially when trying to use
Photoshop because you never know exactly where the hotspot of the pointer is.

Is there some way to tune this so the tip of the pointer works as the hotspot?

Thanks for any help on this.!

Stuart Sabatini

I had a similar problem with a new Dell computer running Vista. Check to
see if there is a update for your monitor driver. That is what fixed my


Thanks for that tip Stuart. Just for kicks I went into mouse settings and
removed the shadow and now it seems to point the way it should. I think maybe
just changing and saving settings straightened things out.



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