Mouse movement quits but buttons still work



I've got a strange one that's been around about a week. I've got a Dell
with XP home, and their standard wireless mouse. Had it for 2 years.

Recently, if I don't move the mouse for about 5 seconds, the pointer
will no longer respond to mouse movement. However, if I click (left or
right) or move the scroll button, then the movement is back to normal.
Stays with me until it is still again for a few seconds. I now just
automatically roll the scroll button a couple of clicks before I move
the mouse.

Anyone ever heard of this?


Had the same problem after I replaced the batteries-this seems to correct it
on my wirelss optical mouse:
1) Press the mouse button on the top of the base unit
2) Press the Connect Channel button on the bottom of the mouse
3) Test the mouse.

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