monotor does not turn off after 9/9/08 updates



I have Windows XP Home SP3 on a P4 1.7GHz, 1GB RAM computer. Graphics card
is a legacy ATI Rage 128 PRO AGP 4X TMDS with the drivers provided by
Windows. I did not download anything from ATI's site when XP was

All has worked smoothly since the installation of SP3. After the latest
Microsoft updates, however, my monitor no longer turns off despite me
settings for it to do so. All was well with power management before the

Has anyone else had this trouble after the updates? Any ideas how to remedy


Thanks for your reply.

I will double-check when I'm back on the computer but, as I wrote,
everything has been fine until this point. I did change the power scheme
from "always on" with the monitor going off after 5 minutes to "home/home
office" with the monitor going off after 10 minutes last night. After two
hours without the monitor turning off when idle for 10 minutes it suddenly
did without any further action on my part. (Go figure, right?)

I'll see what happens later tonight when I'm on that computer again. It
would be nice to pinpoint what's going on. I'll run some Windows utilities
while I'm at it to cover all bases.


Had similar problem. My monitor off settings got lost every time I rebooted.
After searching, found this solution that worked for me. Set the monitor off
time to the value you want, then do a 'save as' and save settings under a new
scheme e.g. "My Power Scheme 2", then click apply.


Thanks to all for your replies. Just as mysteriously as the problem began it
ended though no further action on my own. I'll keep the power scheme in mind
should it happen again.

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