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Recently I bought a new Acer B203W flat screen monitor. It came with the
usual CD containing drivers, etc.

With my Windows 2000 platform, I can set the screen pixel level to (1280 x
1024). No need to install any drivers for the monitor.
However, with Windows XP, if I try to use the (1280 x 1024) pixel level, the
screen goes blank for a while then it switches back
to the (1024 x 768) setting..

* Why is this the case ?
* Should I install drivers that came with the monitor on the XP
platform ?
* How to do this installation ?


R. McCarty

Windows XP uses a generic monitor driver, Plug & Play. To help the
system know the monitor's capabilities you need to download/install
the actual manufacturers monitor definition file. You update the existing
driver with the vendor supplied one.
Once that is installed, you should be able to use the 1280x1024 res
but make sure the refresh rate doesn't exceed the monitors capability.
Most all flat panel (LCD) monitors will default to 60Hz, but many now
support refresh rates of 70/75-Hz. The vendor driver file will limit or
show only supported refresh rates.

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