Missing HD Drive after Win2K install



Sorry this is so long, but here's my problem:

I had a machine with a 10GB HDD and Win98SE. The original
HDD was partitioned into (1)- 8GB and (1)- 2GB partitions.
Win98SE was on the 8GB partion which was C: and the 2GB
partition was E:.
I bought a new 80GB HDD installed it as a slave, keeping
the original HDD as the master, partitioned it to (2)-
40GB partitions and installed Win2K on the F: partition. I
used the dual boot mode only until I knew that Win2K was
stable and it wouldn't give me any problems. Well it's bee
about a year and a half and no problems. So I decided to
wipe out Win98SE from C: and repartition C: and E: into
(1)- 10GB partition, and then reinstall Win2K on that
partition and wipeout the Win2K on F:.

My problem arose when, after installing Win2K on C: and
booting that OS, I can't find the (2)- 40GB partitions
anywhere. If I boot into the original Win2K on F:,
everything is fine.

Why are the partitions not showing up in my newest install
of Win2K? and how do I fix this.

I need my machine working again for schoolwork!

Please send replies to (e-mail address removed)

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