Missing hard drive after clash



Operating System: Microsoft XP (Professional Edition)

Two hard disks: 30GB(REMOVED?) 80GB(ok)

One of my hard disk drive(30GB) went missing after a
clash. I couldn't find it anymore at explorer, it hinders
the booting startup and causes repetitive noise from the

When i checked the system information's history, it says
it's been "REMOVED"! while other partitioned drives 20GB
from the 80GB(Maxtor) each remains ok.

I've tried scanning for hardware changes trying to add/
find it back but to no avail.

What can i do to have the "missing" drive/harddisk back?

Please help, experts...... I have precious files on the
missing drive.....

Rich Barry

James, how do you have the drives setup. Master, Slave? Try putting the
30G on the Secondary IDE Channel and use
a different Ribbon Cable. If you have to move a Cd drive then slave it
to the 80G. Make sure it shows up in the Bios.
and set all IDE Devices to Auto detect.

Yves Leclerc

I think your 30GB hard may have failed completely. If what you say, then
the repettive noise is for the hard drive itself, and not the CPU. Since P
fails to find it now, it could have "died"


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