hard drive parttion's missing


Les C

I have a 80GB hard drive parttioned into a 40GB and 2 x
20GB these were drive C,E & F, my drive D was a 10GB
drive these were all formatted to NTFS, I changed the
10GB hard drive to my other 40GB hard drive and made this
drive C being the master boot drive, I fdisked drive C to
be FAT32 and checked the 80GB hard drive, all was fine.

when I loaded windows XP Pro on, I saw I only had drive C
& D, drive D was not formatted, I formatted it to the
full size which I expected was 40GB but now I have lost
the 2 20GB hard drives, can I get these back, I have look
on disk and these 2 drives have gone.

can some one help me get the full 80GB back.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Right click on My Computer and select Manage. On the following screen,
click on Disk Management. Can you 'see' the partitions now? Can you assign
them drive letters?

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