Missing EDB*.log file How to Recover safely??



Accidentally unplugged my DC today. When rebooted got odd error message
saying that can't continue loading AD because the file is missing.
After getting into the AD Restore mode and taking a look at Event Viewer
saw some 1168 and 1003 errors which led me to the article below
How to recover from Event ID 1168 and Event ID 1003 error messages
Looks like the edb*.log file is missing and right now we have 2 options.
Either recover the file from the last full backup which was last friday and
risk restoring
it or create a new DC and then manually demote it from the rest of AD.
The first option is risky as I see it because the file is a few days old and
might corrupt
the directory(that's what I'm afraid of anyway). Second option was a huge
pain last time
I had to do it.

So my question is which of the options would you suggest, or is there
something else I can try
to fix the situation. The server is Win2000 SP4.

Also, what would be the exact resore process for the file using BackupExec
9.1 I'm pretty
sure i can't just copy and paste the file into the folder.

Thank you very much

Paul Williams [MVP]

Assuming you have other domain controllers in the environment -that is, this
isn't the only DC- then both are viable options. The recommendation will
vary depending on topology and your recovery model. In larger environments
it is sometimes preferable to wipe the DC, clean the AD, and promote a new
DC. In smaller environments restoration is a must as there are other
services that share the same hardware as the DC.

In your case, I would probably go with the latter. Boot into DSRM and
perform a system state restore from BackupExec. Reboot.

Even though the last good backup is nearly seven days old, it will put most
of the AD back. The reminder will then replicate from upstream partners as
normal. You won't loose anything.

For additional instructions refer to BackupExec's help or Veritas' KB.
There are instructions for authorative and non-authorative restores of AD.
You need to do a non-authorative restore.

Jorge Silva

Adding to Pauls response.
I read the KB and I noitice that it says that when this error comes means
that the AD Database is missing, is this your case, I'm sying this because
if I'm not mistaken the log files should be autom. reated after reboot,
there're recover scenarios that is recommended to delete the log files and
the check point file also and they should be recreated after reboot, the AD
database is another story, that's why I'm asking.

Maybe I'm wrong but the fact that your Dc was unplugged that doesn't mean
that your database as deleted, you should check for disk problems or virus
etc, before even try to recover from that error.

If you already reach to the conclusion that your DB is missing because of
the unplug cable (that's hard to believe), you should consider to plug your
DC into a UPS system and put some glue on the cable... ;)
I hope that the information above helps you

Good Luck
Jorge Silva
Systems Administrator
Oct 20, 2011
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