Missing "Documents" folder?



Here is my problem: the Documents folder in the folder with the music, video,
etc. folders has gone missing. All of the other folders are there, except for
Documents. Luckily, I had nothing important in it yet because I had just
bought my laptop.

This all started when I installed (from CD) Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. When
this happened, I noticed 2 Documents folders. One of them had the Roller
Coaster Tycoon 3 data in it, and the other had everything else. Since then, I
have uninstalled RCT3 (and for some reason, am unable to reinstall it).

The double was still there, so I deleted it. Then, I couldn't get the Start
menu Documents button to work, so I restarted my computer. Then, another
Documents folder came up, along with the one with all my work. So I copied
all my work from the original into the new one that actually opens when I
choose the Start menu icon and deleted the old one.

Now, neither of them are there. :-O

I don't know how because I only deleted one. Someone help? (I have restarted
since then, no help)

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