Missing Create New Standard TCP/IP Port




I run several Windows 2000 servers and the Standard TCP/IP Port
disapeared on each server.
I suspect they disapeared after my last upgrade from SP2 to SP3.

I search the web and I tried the following commands found in several
posts (including in this group)

<< Copy the lines below to a file with the extension *reg. Launch it
and it will re-add the monitor entries to the registry.
"net stop spooler" then "net start spooler" then you should be able to
add standard tcp/ip ports again.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
TCP/IP Port]
TCP/IP Port\Ports]

However even after restarting the spooler or the server, I am still
unable to create a new standard tcp/ip port in order to add new
printers on the servers.

The files tcpmon*, tcpmib* and the keys are correctly placed in
WNNT/SYSTEM32 and in the registry.

Any idea ??

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