Missing a "Export to a file" link under FILE to exporting contacts



When I go to save my Contacts to a .csv file to later export them to another
email program, I am missing a "Import/Export to a file" link which, according
to Help pages, should beneath the "Data File Management" link. I am running
Vista/Word 2007.

Help?! Anyone??


Karl Timmermans

Rerun your setup using "Add/Remove Features" and check to see that the
import/export filters were installed (option under Outlook - if not - check
the box and install them) .

Sidenote - if you're asked for your Office CD to install the filters and you
don't have it - there is no other way to get the import/export filters. If
you are in that situation - this free utility from CodeTwo will prove
useful: http://www.codetwo.com/freeware/outlook-export/


Karl Timmermans - The Claxton Group
ContactGenie - Importer 1.3 / DataPorter 2.0 / Exporter
"Power contact importers/exporters for MS Outlook '2000/2007"

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