(Mis)adventures with Logitech Unifying Receiver.


James Silverton

Hello All!

I needed a new keyboard and mouse when my ancient Logitech combination
died and bought a Logitech Wireless Keyboard (K340) and a Wireless Mouse
(M305) that I understood to work from a single receiver plugged into a
USB port using “unifying software” that could be downloaded from
www.logitech.com/unifying. The sales personnel at Micro Center did not
seem to understand what was needed and the literature provided with
neither component gave much indication how the process would be carried
out. The instructions are partially written in pictograms and it was not
clear what should be done.

I plugged in the “unifying receivers” from each component into USB ports
and both mouse and keyboard functioned. There was no clear indication
about what would be needed to produce unification. When I ran the
software, I was then instructed to remove one of the receivers and it
seemed logical to remove that of the keyboard since buttons would need
to be clicked. I’m not sure whether a specific choice was actually
required but there was no real indication and perhaps I could have
removed the mouse receiver and somehow used keyboard keys.

The program ran and, after I’m not sure what, both the keyboard and
mouse became functional. Initially, the connection did not work but,
after trying to run the program unsuccessfully a second time, all was
well and I have both components using a single receiver. Perhaps, I did
not wait long enough for the process to complete during my initial run.
I wish I knew what I was supposed to have done and I'd be much happier
with instructions that recognize that I regard myself as literate.

The unifying program has installed itself under Start/All
Programs/Logitech/Logitech Unifying Software with the name Logitech in
All Programs even if I never asked for this installation. The extra
Unifying Receiver is now stored in the mouse. Both the keyboard and the
mouse have storage space for a receiver.


James Silverton
Potomac, Maryland

Email, with obvious alterations:

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