Migrate Computer and Shares ACL



In the process of migrating my File server which is still
in Source Domain NT4 to my new AD.

While dispatching the agent using ADMT I got this error :
ERR2:7301 Failed to create ........hr70080005 Access
I'm I missing something here?

All is migrated USers and Groups(SID), PAssword etc..
Except for this one?
Any idea.. I'm using my Source domain account in the
target to run the ADMT.
Please help

Jimmy Harper [MSFT]

First, check to see if there is a computer account with the same NetBIOS
name exists in the target domain. This issue is described in the following


Also, make sure that the user account you are running ADMT with is a member
of the local admins group on the server.

Also, check the local security policy on the server and make sure the
Everyone group has the "Access this computer from the network" user right.

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