microsoft_vc80_atl_x86.msm disappeared/missing from merge modules



I developed an application that uses Crystal Reports in visual studio 2005
then ported the whole application to VS2008.
My original setup/deployment application (created within visual studio) for
this project included files CrystalReportsRedist2005_x86.msm,
microsoft_vc80_atl_x86.msm and policy_8_0_Microsoft_vc80_atl_x86.msm all
situated in c:\program files\common files\merge modules directory. My ported
application still uses dotnet 2.

Although I still have both versions of visual studio installed I've found
that the two microsoft merge modules have vanished from the merge modules
directory. I assume they're the VS 2005 version.

I'm a bit stuck on how to correct this. If I need to port the crystal
reports version to 2008 is there an easy way to do this without breaking all
the reports Ive created already?
Besides that, what effect does the disappearance have on my visual studio
2005. Where can i download merge modules I lost so i can replace them?

thank you

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