Crystal Viewer Launch Error



I have created a Windows Form app that uses the Crystalreportviewer.
There is a main menu that links the viewer to different .rpts.
Everything is working fine. When I deploy this application, it never
launches. An error is generated saying something about cordbg.exe. I
installed the cordbg.exe and was able to view some of the errors, but I
haven't figured out exactly what the problem is.

The error is "Unhandled exception generated <0x01202400>
_Message=<0x01202898> "Logon failure: unknown username or bad

I've installed the merge modules:

Crystal_regwiz2003.msm (I also added the license key to this)

I've also installed the Crystal Report runtime 10.

If I logon as the administrator, the program runs just fine, but if I
log on as the user with adminstrative rights, the error is thrown.

If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

Greg Burns

Seems to me this problem (only every seen it with Crystal) is caused when
during the install of your app. Make sure you choose "install for all
users" instead of the default "only current user" (or whatever the verbage


I have done that. I wouldn't be able to get the program from other
users if I didn't. Any other thoughts?


I have done that through the administrator and through the user. Any
other thoughts?

Greg Burns

True. My app was beging installed locally to get the crystal stuff
installed, but the actual.exe is being run from a network share. (makes it
easy to do upgrades). I discovered that if I didn't run the install for all
users, the crystal portions would fail when executed.

As far as your problem, I am not sure. What database (if any) are you
connecting to? Is there a permission problem there? Can you try an add a
global error handler so you can get some more information about the problem.

Have you looked at Crystal's support forums or KB's?


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