Microsoft word: Document setup question



I am a very basic word user. I am trying to find out if I can use Word to do
the following:

I would like to create 1 document that contains all my information. I would
like to be able to tag (mark) parts of the information as 'part A' 'part b'

Then I woud like to generate/view/print a doc that can either be whole
document wil part A and part included. Or generate/view/print a doc that
contains all text/tables/pictures that were not tagged plus just parts that
were tagged part A.

Is this possible? If so, is there a certain term/phrase I should be
searching in the help/forums to see how this is done?

Thank you,


Stefan Blom

To me, what you are describing sounds a lot like a task for a database
application (which definitely is not my area of expertise). However, a
simple way to add parts of document A into another document B would be to
bookmark the contents of document A that you want to "share" and then use
INCLUDETEXT fields to insert the contents in document B.

INCLUDETEXT fields can be updated (with F9) to reference the current
information in the bookmarked areas. In addition, you can edit the contents
of the field and save the changes back to the source document.

For more on the INCLUDETEXT field, see Note that if
you are using Word 2007, do the following to display the Insert File dialog
box: On the Insert tab, click the arrow next to the Object button, and then
click Text from File.

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