Microsoft Update No Longer Functions



Upon launching Microsoft Update, IE window opens and tries to open the active
x component (Checking to see if your computer has the latest version of
Windows updating software for use with the website...) within a few seconds,
the pop-up

dwwin.exe -Entry Point Not Found

The procedure or entry point Y could not be located in the dynamic link
library GDI32.DLL


When I click OK, every IE window (including Microsoft Update) closes so I am
no longer able to get updates.

The event log is no help, it merely states what I previously described (it
is flagged as "information"). I have had no problems in the past and the only
recent change to my system was installing an update to my Quicken software. I
run anti-virus, firewall, and multiple spyware applications and all scans
report a clean system.

Please give me your thoughts on this. Thanks!


Thanks for your quick (and inciteful) reply. Removing them had no effect -
however, I did notice that checking properties on them and looking at
Dependency showed an "*" in the filename as well as "Damaged" in the Size.
The same is true for both Genuine Advantage controls.

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