Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback Wheel 4.0



I'm trying to install this wheel on my new computer, XPS410, with operating
system of Windows XP Home. Everything installs ok, but when I go to the
properties and click the "Recorder" tab, I get a RUNDLL Error?

The error reads as this: An exception occurred while trying to run
"C:\WINDOWS\system32\shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL"C:WINDOWS\system32\joy.cpl",Game Controllers"

I have uninstalled, reinstalled, updated drivers, updated DirectX and I'm
exhausted trying to figure out why this will not work. Can someone please
help me.

Chris H

Try completely uninstalling whatever you got installed for the drivers, and
then use Compatibility Mode to install them from the CD's install file by
browsing from Start/Run to the proper file. Once you find it, right-click
and select to install using Compatibility Mode.
Chris H.
Microsoft Windows MVP/Tablet PC
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Chris, thanks for your help, but that didn't work either? I am stumped on
why it won't work. The wheel worked fine on my other computer and I had
Windows XP on it just like I do on my new one? And Microsoft said that
couldn't help me since the product was so old? I'll keep posting and hunting
for a solution, thanks again!

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