Microsoft Outlook 2003 tasks view question



In Microsoft Outlook 2003, I am able to define a customized view of
each column, under the Tasks section. Is it possible to share the same
customized view of the Tasks with other users?

In other words, when other users open a shared view of a Task, I want
them to see the same column structure as I see. If it is possible to
propagate or share my defined view of columns, can someone describe
the procedure?

Thanks kindly.




Diane Poremsky {MVP}

There is not an easy "copy this to everyone" command but its possible. When
you create the view, use the option to share it with everyone. When they
view your folder, they can select the view. They can use the customize view
menu to copy it to their folders. There is also a File, Folder, Copy
folder design that Exchange users can use but I forget if it works on
folders not in your mailbox. Outlook also lets you assign the initial view
to a folder - right click on the folder and choose properties, admin tab -
but I forget if that applies when others open the folder.

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