microsoft lifecam VX-3000



I have installed a MICROSOFT LifeCAm VX3000
I use AOl IM
PROBELM When a video session is initiated the "scree" comes up but it
remains black, I can hear the person but cannot see. I get a message in the
IM box that says another program is using it.
I cannot find what program ( if there is one) . I have spent hours trying
to fix this.
It is very important as I bought this so I can see and talk to my 5 year
old Grandson and my son that live in another state.
Any help would be most appreciated.


I have the same issues with Live Messenger, on XP, and have better specs than
the web cam says. I even re-did my whole OS and can't get it to work. Tried
a Logitech webcam, same issue.

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