Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 only works after install !?!




On a XP SP2 machine Microsoft LifeCam VX-3000 only works after installing
the software/driver. After a reboot, the software does not find the cam

A re-install gives again a working cam, until the machine is rebooted again.

(LifeCam software v1.21)

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

Hmmm, this is a strange one!!! Do other USB devices exhibit the same
behavior or not? If not, I'd call MS and get the LifeCam replaced, because
my VX-6000 certainly does not disappear after reboot on my notebook and it
must be very frustrating to have to reinstall it every reboot.

Have you tried it on another PC?
Cari (MS-MVP)
Windows Technologies - Printing & Imaging

Eric said:
Yes, in all USB ports. It does not matter on which one the cam is
connected ...


Cari & Bob I,

Thanks for your comments.

I have not noticed so far that registry entries were not correctly saved.
But as of yet, have not focussed on that ...

For the matter, if the cam is malfunctioning, this is not the case:
On a second install of XP on the same machine (a "safety install" for
maintenance purposes; as I do as a good practice on all PC's) it is
functioning perfect! So, I conclude that the problem lies in that specific
installment of XP, not in the hardware.
It is an installment of XP that the user now already use for more than two
years, with no great problems that could not be fixed, thus far ...
(N.B. Of course, on that installment are the SP's & security patches up to

Bob I: Do you have specific info about what registry entries I could/should

Bob I

The entries that the "install" places in the registry, should be found
in the .inf file the camera install uses. If the registry is not being
saved at shutdown due to corruption or other reason, then the entries
will not be there after startup.


Bob I,

I checked the registry entries that are created during installation of the
software for the LifeCam VX-3000.
Those entries are retained, so this could not be the problem, though.

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