Microsoft Excel Filters (some rows don't filter)




I'm using tables in MS Excel 2007 (I also remember having similar issues
with 2003). The table contains static data, text and formulas. I'm using the
auto-filter function, but for some reason some of the rows aren't filtering
properly. At the moment, the table has 70 rows in it, but when I filter, it
doesn't filter the final 4 rows. (eg: I filter column D for the value 22,
which works up to row 66, but the final 4 rows stay in the table regardless).
Upon unfiltering the data, some of the rows remain hidden. I've no idea why
this is happening. I've tried turning the auto-filter on and off but to no
avail. FYI: The formatting doesn't change between any of the rows. Any ideas?
Apr 29, 2008
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Hi Nathan,
Are you sure row 67 has any data in it? Autofilter stops when it hits a blank row and I suspect that's what's happening here. As soon as you add any data to the blank row, Autofilter will include it and any other non-blank rows below it.

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