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Hi All,

I hope someone can help me with my excel problem.

Here is the situation:

I have a large status spread sheet. It is a list of multiple projects. Eachproject has its own project manager, various team members who are working on it and different phases of the project. we keep track of where we stand with check boxes for each phase. so everyone can see the progress of the project.

The issue:

when I filter the list for projects for a specific project manager (managerA), the rows for manager B and C disappear, but the checkboxes for those properties are still visible and merge with the checkboxes from manager A. It appears as there are multiple checkboxes in one cell. When I "clean" it up so that only one checkbox is left in the cell and "unfilter" I noticed that I deleted checkboxes from the managers B and C.

I made sure that the frame of the checkboxes is smaller than the cell and that the frame is not overlapping any other cells.

The properties for the check boxes are set to "move but not scale with cell".
The selection "move and scale with cell" is not available for me. (don't know why and if this is the solution to my problem how can I enable this selection?)

I hope I was clear in my explanation and I hope someone has an ideas how tohide the checkboxes with the rows which I don't want to see when I apply the filter command.

It's driving me crazy and the whole table is kind of useless if I can't usethe filter...

Thanks in advance.



AutoFilter does not manage controls you've placed on a worksheet! Nor
does it *move* cells! In fact, it may very well reposition those
controls unexpectedly.

You'll be better of to configure a cell in the row to look/act like a
checkbox so it inherits the same behavior as the rest of the row. Using
the font *Wingdings2* for this will result in a checkmark when entering
*P* in the cell. This can be automated to place the checkmark via event
code if you wish, otherwise provide an instruction to your users.


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