how to calculate a count of checkboxes that have been checked


Dave K

I need to place check boxes in individual cells, and then to hopefully
show the count of checkboxes that have been checked in a range.

This will be a form that is used for manual data entry, FYI.

For example, the checkboxes are in cells G14, G15, and so on (through
cell G25). And i need to show the count of checkboxes that are checked
in a seperate cell, (i.e., cell G26).

Is there a straightforward way of doing this.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Dave Peterson

I think that the most straightforward way is to drop the checkboxes and use an
"X" in a cell.

Then you could use:

You could use a font that makes the character look like a check, too.

(saved from a previous post)

I like this technique:

Select the range that would have held the checkboxes.
Format|cells|number tab|custom category
In the "type:" box, put this:

But hit and hold the alt key while you're typing the 0252 from the numeric

It should look something like this when you're done.
(umlaut over the lower case u separated by semicolons)

And format that range of cells as Wingdings (make it as large as you want)

Now, no matter what you type (spacebar, x, anyoldtextatall), you'll see a check

Hit the delete key on the keyboard to clear the cell.

If you have to use that "checkmark" in later formulas:
=if(a1="","no checkmark","Yes checkmark")

And you can use:
to find the number of "checks" in A1:A10.

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