Filtering problem


Bob Ptacek

I have run into filtering problem I could use some help with. (using Excel

I have 3 columns of data with about 40,000 rows. Based on a condition of one
cell in the rows, a value of Yes or No is set in another column. (there are
about 1300 No values). when I filter on No, I get those 1300 but I also get
Yes rows. At first I was afraid I hit a row ceiling but I have other files
with more columns and rows of data that filter more than 1300 rows just fine.
I have never experienced this problem with filters. I have exausted my
sources for research and really could use some help.

Thank in advance for any insight

Shane Devenshire


I tested with 45000 rows and had no problems.

Are you using Data, Filter, Auto Filter? And are you picking No from the
drop down list or entering it in the Custom Filter choice. If in the Custom
filter what exactly are you entering and what is the condition.

Shane Devenshire

One other question I failed to ask, are all the Yes entries at the bottom.
If so turn off the autofilter and select the entire range and then turn it on
again and try the No again. (If there is a blank row in you data and you let
Excel control the selection process, it will not include data below that
blank row as part of the filter range. In other words the filter will be
active for rows 1 through 25000, if row 25001 is blank, even though you have
data beyond that.)

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