Microphone will not work


Al Nino

I have already check all the messages that I could find
and tried everything suggested without success.

My headset microphone won't work in my HP Pavillion
laptop. Neither does the mike built into the laptop. But
the headset mike works fine when plugged into my HP
Pavillion desktop. Both PCs have factory installed
Windows XP home edition and I've applied all the latest
Windows updates.

The mike built into a USB WebCam works on both PCs (when
selected) but quality is poor compared to the headset mike
when used on the desktop PC.

All the settings appear to be the same on both computers
Control Panel/Sounds. The Laptop has VIA audio (WAVE)
selected for Voice and (VIA is the built-in sound card)
The Volume settings have Mike selected in Recording
Settings and not muted in playback setting.

Lloyd LaBaw

hi, if your mic is stereo (jack has two stripes on it), get an add-on
monojack plug-on @ radio shack or somewhere and try that


The HP manual says "the audio jacks are three-terminal
stereo jacks". Also, the laptop's built-in microphone
will not work either.

I've spent a couple hours looking a newsgroup messages and
trying everything without success. I am soooooooo

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