Messemger 4.7 and Messenger 6.0



How do I remove Messenger 4.7 if it does not show up in
Add/Remove programs? I currently did an upgrade for
Messenger 4.7 to version 6.0 and thought it would have
removed it. The problem lies in 1 version signing in or
out then thus forcing the other version to sign in or
out. Seems like version 4.7 wants to remain the dominant
version on my Windows XP system. In IEplorer when I
click on the Messenger button 4.7 comes up. In system
tray version 6.0 comes up. Help me please Bill Gates!!!



You are dealing with two different programs; Windows Messenger and MSN
Messenger. To remove Windows Messenger, the 4.7 version, perform the

To remove Windows Messenger; close down Messenger if it's running (right
click the messenger icon in the notification area/system tray and click
close). Then click the start button, then click Run and type in (copy-paste
if you like):

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove

Then click OK.
Messenger will be uninstalled.

Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Greetings Tim,

I'm not Bill Gates... but I can help you =).

You can remove Windows Messenger 4.7, but if you do, you will be preventing
Remote Assistance, Whiteboard, Application Sharing and any other applications that utilize
Messenger from working (or loading without problems). You can just disable Windows Messenger
4.7, by opening it up, click Tools, Options, Preferences tab and unchecking 'Run this program
when Windows starts'. This won't stop it from being loaded by some other application though.
As well, you can disable it further by going to Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs,
Add/Remove Windows Components on the left, uncheck Windows Messenger in the components list
and click Next >. Note: this is only available if you've installed Windows XP Service Pack
1 -- if you haven't, visit This won't remove Windows
Messenger, but it will let it stay out of your way, and allow MSN Messenger to work

Also see: for more information on Windows Messenger 4.7 and MSN
Jonathan Kay
Windows MVP, Messenger
Associate Expert
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